A Dallas Infrared Inspection or Infrared Moisture Surveys, use an infrared camera to visually see minute temperature differences that indicate moisture leaks. Our digital infrared cameras can see in the short wave infrared spectrum of light. The resulting images or thermograms, indicate evaporation of bulk moisture in your house or business. The infrared camera sees the small difference in temperature that indicate water seeping into the structure or evaporating.

Our Infrared Cameras

The FLIR T 620 is a, high resolution digital infrared camera is our tool of choice to help determine the energy efficiency of your home or business. This infrared camera is the state of the art digital thermal camera on the market today. It has higher digital resolution that allows for wider inspection conditions.

That means that we can find smaller energy loss problems than our competition. The cameras rugged nature allows for longer equipment life and that translates into more effective images for our clients. Your water leak problems are no match for the power of this infrared camera.

Dallas Infrared Inspections


Infrared water leak
Infrared image of a water leak

A Closer Look Inspection Service has different Dallas infrared services to help you take control of your energy consumption and it all starts with knowledge about your personal energy use. Our Thermographers use Infrared imaging as a tool to help detect heat losses and air leakage in your building envelopes. Dallas Infrared is here to answer your questions about this new infrared camera technology.

“The U.S. Department Of Energy Now Recommends That A Thermographic Scan Be Done Before Purchasing A House, Even On New Homes”