Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions on our infrared services.

Can all water leaks be detected?

No. We use techniques to help us locate the leak source, but all leaks sources can not be detected. Some are obstructed, such as under a slab or there may be multiple leaks and only one of the leak sources is detected. Once that source is repairs another source may appear that was obstructed by the other leak.

How can an Infrared Camera help locate water penetration?

nfrared Cameras can detect very small temperature differences that are caused by evaporation of water or temperature differences cause by temperature variations between the inside and outside of the building. Infrared – A Closer Look Inc. uses strict protocols to help document the leakage and track it to the source.

How do I prepare for a Thermographic Survey?

To prepare for an interior thermal scan, the homeowner should take steps to ensure an accurate result. This may include moving furniture away from exterior walls and removing or pulling back drapes. The most accurate thermographic images usually occur when there is a significant temperature difference between inside and outside air temperatures.